35€ guaranteed prize
Collect symbols and earn money!

Thursday ENG

500€ in cash


EARLY BIRD – 8:00 to 9:00 200€ POOL for TOP 10 players in Valkyrie


LUNCH BREAK — 11:00 to 12:00 100€ POOL for the TOP 20 players in Ecuador Gold


BEER O’CLOCK — 11:00 to 12:00 200€ POOL for the TOP 10 players in Route 777


Terms and Conditions:

Who can participate?
All registered OlyBet clients can participate in current campaign.
What can I win?
You can win earn cash prizes for collected symbols 3 times during Thursday in 3 different games.
Vegas Diamonds:
150 WILDS = 15€
75 WILDS = 5€
20 WILDS = 1€
Only symbols collected during selected time period in selected game are calculated for the cash prize.
Cash prizes are paid for reached number of symbols. If you have earned 24 symbols, you will get 1€ cash prize in the end. If you have earned 154 symbols, you will get 15€ cash prize in the end. Maximum amount of cash to earn in 1 game is 15€.

Respin Circus:
100 WILDS = 10€
50 WILDS = 5€
10 WILDS = 1€

Tahiti Gold:
1000 WILDS = 10€
500 WILDS = 5€
150 WILDS = 1€

How can I earn Cash?
Launch selected game during tournament period and start playing (min bet value 0.20 €) to collect symbols.
Number of collected symbols is displayed inside the game (click graphs icon on the left).You can play unlimited count of rounds during selected time period.
How will I get my prize?
Cash prizes will be transferred to players' accounts in real-money during 1h after end of the tournament.
Other boring but essential stuff:
  • OlyBet reserves the right to amend, suspend and/or cancel the campaign at any time.
  • OlyBet General Terms & Conditions apply.