Hit a Royal Flush
Win a 1 500€ MPN PT package!

Fish Royale  - Hit a Royal Flush, win a 1 500 MPNPT package*!

Join us every evening at 9 pm as we hunt for the best possible hand in Poker - show down a Royal Flush of any suit using both your hole cards and win a 1 500 MPN Poker Tour package*!

Fish Royale details:

  • Tournament Name: 300 Fish Royale (Bonus Package!)
  • Date & Time: Daily at 9 pm (EEST)
  • Late registration: 15 levels
  • Buy-in: 3.30€
  • Rebuys & addon: rebuy 3.30=3 000 points, add-on 3.30=9 000 points (15 levels)
  • Starting stack: 3 000
  • Levels: 6 minutes
  • Tables: 8-max

Please find tournament: OlyBet Poker > "Tournaments" > "Special".

To win a 1 500 package you must use both your hole cards to form a five-card Royal Flush, and the hand must reach a showdown.To claim the jackpot prize please email [email protected] with the royal flush hand number, date and your poker alias.

Good Luck!

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