MPN Poker Network closure
Everything that you should know about it!

Probably you have already heard about MPN Poker Network closure, but if not then you should know that will happen 19 of May 2020 and we are joining with another great poker network (more info soon).

What you should know about MPN Network closure

Fish Party Jackpots

There are five Fish Party jackpots, at the 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 level. Each jackpot is actually a blend of two jackpots which hit under the same winning conditions:

  • A fixed jackpot, which awards up to 5,000x the buy-in. This jackpot is not a progressive and players don’t contribute anything to it.
  • A progressive jackpot, which starts at 0 and increases by 0.85% of each buy-in. For example if a 10 Fish Party starts, 3 players contribute 8.5 cents each to the jackpot (a total contribution of 25.5 cents).

When the Fish Party winning condition hits, both the fixed and progressive jackpots pay out simultaneously, giving the impression of a large progressive win.

For example, currently the 50 Fish Party jackpot stands at 448767.34. This is made up of a 250 000 fixed jackpot (5,000 x 50) and 198767.34 of progressive contributions from players.

The Fish Party jackpots will be stopped on the morning of the 18th May 2020. Players who logged in at any time in 2020 will receive their contributions back into their account.

Any excess funds in each progressive jackpot (for example, contributions from inactive players or players whose accounts are locked or inaccessible for whatever reason) will be awarded in a freeroll which will take place on Monday 18th May 2020 at 21:30. There will be five freerolls in total, one for each buy-in level. Each freeroll will be open to players who made a contribution to the corresponding jackpot in 2020.

Fish Party jackpots, all of a player’s contributions that remain in the jackpot (i.e. have not been awarded through a jackpot win already) will be refunded to them. The ‘logged in in 2020’ is the criteria to be eligible for the refund, but all-time contributions will be returned.


Q. How much will be refunded? What will the freeroll prize pools be?
A. As of 00:00 GMT on 5th March, the values were:

Jackpot Direct Refunds to Players Freeroll Prize Pool
1€ Fish Party 3047.73€ 0.04€
5€ Fish Party 39973.03€ 7982.54€
10€ Fish Party 27189.09€ 4536.13€
20€ Fish Party 44228.07€ 12190.02€
50€ Fish Party 71364.42€ 122463.5€

Please note that the above values are subject to change as the jackpot sizes fluctuate.

Q. Why are only active players getting refunds?
A. Many of MPNs poker rooms have inactive account policies. With such poker rooms, when an account is inactive for a period of time, the account is zeroed.

MPN wants to ensure that this money goes back into the poker community, and not swept up by inactive account policies. Therefore MPN are only refunding players who are active.

To ensure you get your share of all the jackpots, simply log in at any time between now and the 4th May 2020.

Q. What players will not be eligible to receive a refund or play in the freerolls?
A. Players whose accounts are closed, whatever the reason, will not receive a refund and are not eligible to play in the freerolls. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes players who have self-excluded.

Q. I played with multiple poker rooms during 2020. Can I enter the freerolls more than once?
A. No, you will have only one entry in the freeroll. The account which you logged into most recently will be entered into the freerolls, any others will not be able to play.

Tournament tickets, cashback, monthly bonus and loyalty points

You can change your loyalty points up to 30% of paid rake to money and other points you can use for tournaments buy-ins. You should use all your tournament tickets and loyalty points before 19th of May 2020. After network closure tickets and loyalty points are not refundable.

All MTT tournaments with guarantees are running as usual until 18th of May 2020.

Monthly 100€ bonus will be active until network closure.

OlyBet New Player Bonuses

OlyBet Poker new player offer will be stopped on the 4th of May 2020. All who have activated it before 4th of May 2020 can release bonuses until 19th of May 2020.