Follow the National Hockey League's tournament and get a bonus - insured bet up to 280 simply by placing bets on NHL play-off games.

What should you do?

Make at least 10 pre-match bet on each game’s outcome of one pair in the 1/8 finals, 1/4 finals and 1/2 finals of the Stanley Cup (bet has to be made on the winning team in the regular time or drawn). If teams will have to play all 7 games to find out the winner of the serie, we will give you a bonus - 20 insured bet to use in 2018 Stanley Cup final's first game.

Place a bet on one or several pairs' all games. If you will make a bet at least 10 on each game’s outcome and each pair will play all 7 games, in the end you may get a bonus - insured bet 280!

 Sounds tempting, isn’t it?


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